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July 2007 Upgrade: What's New for Team Members

Wells Fargo HR Systems has upgraded the software for all the tools that share the PeopleSoft HR database, to ensure continued vendor support.

Most changes are behind the scenes, but you'll notice that these tools are now grouped together in one site: Pay Tools, including Pay Voucher, Direct Deposit, W-2, and W-4 Tax Withholding; Your Benefits; Personal Information (work phone, emergency contacts, etc.); and Jobs.

  • You'll still use each tool in the same way. But now you can easily switch to another tool when you finish, just by clicking its name in the menu.
  • Submit or save changes before switching. If you are adding new information or making changes within a page, be sure to finish the process or you may lose your edits. If you’re just viewing information, it's okay to switch anytime.
  • Hide the menu for more working space. To expand the main part of the page, click "Hide Menu" (below the Wells Fargo logo) to make the menu disappear. To redisplay it, click the same area, which will now say "Show Menu."
  • Menu stays on last item you clicked. Don't worry if the left menu selection is different from the page you see in the main area of your screen. The menu lets you choose a page, but if you have moved on during your current task, it doesn’t always indicate “you are here.” For example, you may be taken to Personal Information during benefits enrollment.
  • Help Center is always available from heading. For help with each tool, links to related resources, or contact information, click the Help Center button on the upper right of each tool’s heading.