Community Care Grants

Wells Fargo is excited to introduce the new Community Care Grants program – an evolution in team member philanthropy that expands our community outreach and makes it more responsive to the many ways you give. Through this program, team members can qualify to direct up to $2,000 in Community Care Grants to more than 100,000 eligible charities each year by:

  • Serving and recording time spent volunteering in their communities;
  • Performing leadership responsibilities in support of a Wells Fargo Team Member Network, Green Team, and/or Volunteer Chapter or be nominated and named a Diversity & Inclusion Champion, Sustainability Award winner, or Volunteer of the Year;
  • Serving on a governing board of a qualifying charity or international equivalent;
  • And, giving financially by payroll deduction or credit card through the annual Community Support Campaign.

The new program moves from a matching gifts to a directed-gifts approach, which means team members will qualify for and receive grants, and then direct those funds to an eligible charity or school. The list of charities eligible for Community Care Grants includes more than 100,000 charities – including schools, educational institutions that received funding by the Wells Fargo Foundation over the past two years. For details about team member and charity eligibility, and more, read the Program Guidelines.

Largely a result of team member feedback, coupled with extensive research, Community Care Grants will replace the Educational Matching Gifts Program, which retires at the end of 2019. Educational charities matched under the current program will be eligible for funding under the Community Care Grants program.

Note: If you have made or are planning to make a direct contribution to a match-eligible school or educational foundation, you will have until June 30, 2019 to log your offline gift and request the match on the Community Care Portal.

How Community Care Grants work

There are several ways to qualify for Community Care Grants through serving and giving. To learn more about how to qualify for a Community Care Grant and the amounts that you can qualify for, review How to Qualify (PDF).

The Lifecycle of a Community Care Grant (PDF) provides a full summary of when Community Care Grants are issued to team members, when they expire, and when charities will receive funds once a Community Care Grant has been directed to them by a team member in the Community Care Portal.

When team members qualify for and receive a Community Care Grant, they will receive notification (either in real time in the Community Care Portal or through email) that a Community Care Grant has been issued to them. Once received, team members can direct a Community Care Grant to any of the more than 100,000 eligible charities.

Note: Team members do not have to direct Community Care Grants to the charity that they volunteered for, served on the board of, or supported financially.

Charity eligibility

Over 100,000 charities are eligible to receive funds through the Community Care Grants program.

Note: Team members may observe certain chapters of a charity are eligible for Community Care Grants while their headquarters or other chapters are not. This is because Community Care Grants eligibility is restricted to only those chapters that have received direct funding from the Wells Fargo Foundation in 2017-2018.

To view a complete list of eligible charities, log onto the Community Care Portal and select “Community Care Grants – Learn more about the new program”, and then select “Recommend & Find Charities Eligible for Community Care Grants”.

Recommend a charity

During the inaugural year of Community Care Grants, there will be no additions made to the list of eligible charities. Team members can, however, recommend a charity be reviewed for eligibility to potentially be added as eligible in future years (and possibly as early as 2020). Charities will not be removed from the list of eligible charities in future years unless they lose their nonprofit status or the Wells Fargo Foundation determines they no longer meet their giving guidelines.

Team members can recommend a charity by visiting the Community Care Portal. Once logged on, select “Community Care Grants Program—Learn more about the new”, then select “Recommend & Find Charities Eligible for Community Care Grants”, select “click here” under Recommend a Charity, and complete all required fields with the charity’s information.

Published May 6, 2019

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