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Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign (Sept. 1-30)

Welcome to this year's Campaign!

The month of September shines a light on how important lifting up our communities is for our team members. It gives all of us the opportunity to re-affirm our commitment to those communities where we live and work, and the causes that we are passionate about through personal giving and volunteering.

The decision to give is a personal choice; how and what you give is up to you. Through the Community Support Campaign’s Community Care Portal, you can find more than 2 million nonprofit organizations — including schools and religious organizations — to support.

There are many ways we can re-affirm our commitment to our communities:

  • Volunteer with a nonprofit to learn first-hand about the important work they are doing, and to help their cause
  • Participate in a fundraiser during the campaign to make a financial impact
  • Support the WE Care Fund, which provides team members with financial grants that cover unforeseen expenses caused by a disaster situation or a financial hardship beyond their control. And this year, gifts made to the WE Care Fund are eligible for a match up to $1 million through a challenge grant provided by the Wells Fargo Foundation. Simply pledge via credit card or payroll deduction and your gift at any amount will be matched up to $1,000 per team member.
  • Contribute to the United Way Community Education Fund and support educational efforts in your community that align with four target areas: kindergarten readiness, 3rd-grade reading level, high school graduation, and youth employment. Simply sign on to the Community Care Portal and select the United Way Community Education Fund Engagement Element located on the home page. You’ll find that giving to the fund works like any other campaign donation, and you can contribute through all pay types (one-time payroll deduction, ongoing payroll deduction, or credit card). The dollars you donate to the fund will support educational program initiatives in your local market.

During the campaign, you can give to as many charities as you like that are in the portal, knowing that 100% of your donation goes directly to the nonprofit of your choice. When you pledge during the campaign, Wells Fargo pays all the administrative and processing costs. Through the Wells Fargo Educational Matching Gifts Program, Wells Fargo also matches gifts made to eligible schools and educational foundations, from $25 to up to $5,000 per team member. When pledging through the campaign, simply select “Apply Match and Check Out” before completing your online pledge.

Team member impact: Caring for our communities

Last year, team members pledged an incredible $85 million to 40,000 nonprofits during the Community Support Campaign, including more than $314,000 raised by team members outside the United States. Team members volunteered more than 215,000 hours (that amounts to $5.1 million!) in communities; $1.27 million was pledged to the WE Care Fund; more than $1.24 million was raised for disaster relief efforts, and, over $273,000 was donated by team members to the United Way Community Education Fund. Wells Fargo was named United Way Worldwide's No. 1 workplace giving campaign in the U.S. for the ninth year in a row. We're excited to continue this amazing support and once again re-affirm our commitment to the communities we serve.

Our campaign is a success because of team members like you, who, through your enthusiasm, caring, and generous support, bring hope to our communities. Consider donating in September.

For questions, email Team Member Customer Care or call 1-833-822-6392 from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Central Time.

Published July 16, 2018

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