Verification of Employment

If you are buying a car or a house, leasing an apartment, requesting an immigration letter for the U.S. Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services (BCIS, formerly the INS), or applying for government assistance, you will need to confirm your work history at Wells Fargo and, in some cases, how much you earn or have earned in the past. As a fast, convenient service for our employees, Wells Fargo has engaged The Work Number® service for verification of employment and income.

If you need to provide employment verification to a lender, property manager, or other verifier, you can give him or her secure access to The Work Number website. No one can obtain any of your information on The Work Number website unless he or she has a permissible purpose that meets Fair Credit Reporting Act requirements. The Work Number can also provide an Employment Data Report that keeps a record of everyone who views your information, as well as the information provided by Wells Fargo. Note: Managers and coworkers are not authorized to give verifications of employment on behalf of Wells Fargo.

Non-U.S.-paid employees

The Work Number provides information only for employees who are working or have worked within the U.S. and expatriates who are paid on Wells' payroll system of record.

Non-U.S. employees in offshore offices who are paid either locally or by another payroll vendor or system cannot obtain verification of employment and income from The Work Number. To ensure a consistent process and compliance with laws and regulations of the respective offshore countries, verifications of employment and wage should be directed to the local regional Human Resources representative.

Verifications for former employees from an acquisition or merger

For many former employees involved in an acquisition or merger, records may not have been converted to our HR system. This may be especially true for Legacy Wachovia employees whose employment ended before 2009. Records that have not been converted to our HR system are not sent to The Work Number to be serviced for verifications. If your records fall into this category, please call 1-877-HRWELLS (1-877-479-3557), Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., to initiate your request.

Verifier's checklist
Creating a PIN
Creating a Salary Key
Immigration verification and special circumstance letters
Employment Data Report


Refer to the Employment & Hiring section of the Wells Fargo Employee Handbook for information on verification of employment.

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Direct whomever is in need of proof of your employment or income to or 1-800-996-7566 for service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Verifications are usually completed within three to five minutes. Online users can print a copy of the verification from the website. The verifier will be charged a nominal fee for the verification service.

Verifiers can request three types of employment verifications:

  • Employment verification confirms your corporate hire date, most recent start date, termination date (if applicable), employment status, and job title.
  • Employment and income verification confirms all components of employment verification plus gross earnings, including overtime, commissions, and bonuses, for the current year and two previous years. To protect your confidentiality, a verifier may access income verification only if you provide him or her with an authorization code called a Salary Key.
  • Social services (or other government agencies) verification confirms all components of employment verification, income verification, pay period detail, and benefits coverage.

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Verifier’s checklist

Employees should present this checklist to a verifier or authorized requestor to assist in obtaining a verification from The Work Number.

Employment verification

To confirm your employment only:

  1. Print the Verifier Checklist for Employment, Income, and Benefits Verification (PDF).
  2. Provide the checklist to your verifier.

Employment and income verification

To confirm your income along with your employment:

  1. Print the Verifier Checklist for Employment, Income, and Benefits Verification (PDF).
  2. You will need to create a Salary Key to provide to your verifier.
  3. Provide the checklist to your verifier.

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Creating a PIN

After you access, you will need to enter Wells Fargo’s company code, 14566, then enter your Employee ID,* which is also referred to as your User ID. You will then be asked to enter a default PIN, which is your two-digit month of birth, two-digit day of birth, and the last four digits of your Social Security number. For example, if you were born January 5 and the last four digits of your Social Security number are 2991, your default PIN would be 01052991.

*You can find your Wells Fargo Employee ID number on your pay voucher, on your personalized Benefits Confirmation Statement, or by asking your manager.

Next, The Work Number website will guide you through a very secure, risk-based authentication process, during which you will establish a new PIN. If you lose your new PIN or need to have it reset, contact The Work Number customer service at 1-800-996-7566. Calls to The Work Number customer service requesting access to your account may require you to authenticate yourself over the phone through a series of questions related to your employment record.

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Creating a Salary Key

To protect your confidentiality, a verifier may access the income verification only if you provide him or her with a six-digit authorization code called a Salary Key. This electronic signature is one form of employee authorization given to release income information. You may create up to three Salary Keys at a time, and they will expire within 60 days of creation or after the first use.

If you are a first-time user, you must first follow the above instructions to create a PIN. Then, all users must follow the steps below to obtain a Salary Key.

  1. Select Prove Your Income with a Salary Key. The system will then reveal the Salary Key.
  2. Select Email, Print, or Delete the Salary Key or create another Salary Key.

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Immigration verification and special circumstance letters

Employees who are not U.S. citizens are periodically required to provide an employment statement to the Department of Homeland Security and foreign government agencies and embassies. You may also need a verification letter for special circumstances, such as adoption. This document is not suitable for use by lending institutions, credit agencies, preemployment firms, property managers, or other private sector entities. This verification does not comply with the underwriting requirements of Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac nor does it satisfy other standards typically required for private industry verifications.

You can directly access and print an employment verification from The Work Number website. Each verification letter will include an authorized Wells Fargo logo.

  1. Access The Work Number at
  2. Enter the Wells Fargo company code, 14566.
  3. Enter your Employee ID number if you are an active employee or your Social Security number if you are inactive or a former employee.
  4. Enter your new eight-digit PIN (see Creating a PIN).
  5. Click Immigration Verification.

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Employment Data Report

An Employment Data Report (EDR) gives you the ability to see the information potentially revealed about you when a verification is requested. This report is intended to make you aware of the information transmitted to The Work Number and can be provided upon request.

Employment Data Reports contain:

  • Employment and income information from employers who have provided information about you to The Work Number.
  • Information about lenders, credit agencies, and other verifiers that have attempted to obtain your data or that have received your information.
  • Any messages, alerts, or remarks you have asked us to include with your information.

There are three ways you can obtain an EDR:

  1. Sign on to, access the Employment Data Report, and request an instant copy.
  2. Sign on to, access the Employment Data Report, complete the Employment Data Report request form (PDF), and mail the form to the address provided.
  3. Call The Work Number Client Service Center at 1-866-604-6570 to request a copy of the report.

Disputing information reported to The Work Number

Employees who disagree with what Wells Fargo is reporting to The Work Number may contact Employee Care at 1-877-HR WELLS (1-877-479-3557), options 2, 0, 4, to initiate the dispute.

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January 20, 2022