Teamworks at Home Strong Authentication

Protecting your personal information

You will now use the Teamworks at Home Strong Authentication process when you sign on to online HR tools, including Time Tracker, Pay Voucher, and Benefits.

  • Strong Authentication helps protect your personal information, offering a more secure option than the previous security questions.
  • Enrolling in Strong Authentication includes entering a one-time password sent to you by text message.
  • You need a personal cell phone number registered with Wells Fargo to receive the one-time password for completing the enrollment process online.

Read More Information to learn about this change and what you need to do.

Proceed to your tool by clicking the link below:

Pay Tools
Time Tracker
Personal Information
Pay Voucher
Direct Deposit

Your Benefits (Enroll in benefits, view My Benefits Options & Rates)

Career & Development

If you have questions or need assistance, see the Support page.

More Information

The Teamworks at Home Strong Authentication process replaces using security questions to verify who you are when you sign on to online HR tools — including Time Tracker, Your Benefits, Jobs, and more. Implementation of this process includes these changes:

  • If you used your AD-ENT login to sign on in the past, you'll now use your Employee ID. (Your AD-ENT login is the user name and password you use at work for tools like Pay Voucher).
  • If you've never used your Employee ID to sign on, you'll need to establish a separate password associated with your Employee ID while you are connected to the network at work.
  • You'll need to enroll in Strong Authentication to register each device you use to access online HR tools through Teamworks at Home. This enrollment process includes entering a one-time password that you receive via text message.

The first time you access an online HR tool through Teamworks at Home, you will be prompted to complete the Strong Authentication enrollment. Before you can enroll, you may need to complete the following actions using How Do I? from Teamworks when you are at work:

  • Make sure that you know your Employee ID by selecting Look up my Employee ID.
  • Establish a password for your Employee ID by selecting Reset my password — after you log in, select Change passwords, then Teamworks at Home — Employee ID.
  • Update your personal information with a personal cell phone number by selecting Update my personal information. It takes up to 24 hours for changes to take effect in the system.

Print the instructions to take to work.

If you are unable to access Teamworks at work or do not have a personal cell phone that can receive text messages, visit the Strong Authentication support page for assistance.