Health & Wellness Dollars

Earn up to $800 in health and wellness dollars

You can earn dollars to pay for eligible medical expenses by completing a variety of health and wellness activities. You and your covered spouse or domestic partner can each earn up to $800, in addition to the advantages that these activities provide to your well-being. Dollars you earn are allocated to your Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) or deposited into your Health Savings Account (HSA), as applicable.

Watch the video Making health and wellness dollars work for you (2:06) to learn more.

Note: Review this Notice Regarding Wellness Program (PDF) before you participate in any health and wellness activities. This notice is required to be provided to you in accordance with wellness regulations.

Your health, your choice

In 2019, you have more options than ever to earn your health and wellness dollars. You decide which health and wellness activities are right for your health journey. Choose any combination of activities from the list below to add up to your $800 maximum reward. Activities must be completed between January 1 and November 15, 2019.

Activity What you need to do Earn
Online health survey Complete the online health survey. $50
Biometric screening Complete a biometric screening. $300
Castlight* Perform a search on Castlight. $50
Preventive care Complete recommended preventive care exams, including an annual physical, colonoscopy (age 50+), mammogram (age 40+), or cervical cancer screening. $150 per eligible exam
ALEX® financial health Complete the ALEX financial health online, interactive tool. $100
Rally Missions Complete three Missions. $200
Real Appeal* Complete nine sessions. $300
Rally City Walk Challenges Complete a City Walk Challenge. $50 per challenge (up to four per year)
Personal coaching Complete three sessions (telephonic, secure email, or chat) or all modules on an online program. $300
Maternity Support Program** Complete a minimum of three calls. $300
Condition Management Program** Complete a minimum of three calls. $300
Total maximum health and wellness dollars for completed activities*** You: $800

Your covered spouse or domestic partner: $800

* High-Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) — Kaiser members do not have access to Castlight or Real Appeal.

** HDHP — Kaiser members will not earn an incentive for completing a Maternity Support or Condition Management Program.

*** Health and wellness dollars are prorated quarterly for new team members joining the health plan mid-year.


To earn health and wellness dollars, you must complete activities between January 1, 2019, and November 15, 2019, while enrolled in an eligible medical plan.

Eligible Not eligible

Team members and their covered spouse or domestic partner enrolled in:

  • Copay Plan with HRA
  • Lower Use Plan with HSA
  • Higher Use Plan with HSA
  • HDHP — Kaiser medical plan
  • Narrow Network Plan with HSA

Team members who have elected COBRA coverage or are on approved short- or long-term leave and are enrolled in a plan noted above

Team members who are

  • Not enrolled in a Wells Fargo-sponsored medical plan
  • Enrolled in the Narrow Network Copay Plan
  • Enrolled in a Kaiser Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) or Point of Service (POS) plan
  • Enrolled in UnitedHealthcare Global — Expatriate Insurance

Covered dependent children, regardless of age

Health and wellness activities are completely voluntary. These activities are not a substitute for or intended to provide medical care or treatment.

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