Stock Purchase Plan

The Wells Fargo & Company Stock Purchase Plan ("Stock Purchase Plan") allows eligible team members to purchase shares of Wells Fargo & Company common stock ("common stock") through payroll deductions with after-tax dollars.

You can find information about the Stock Purchase Plan at EQ Shareowner Services administers the website. You can enroll online and access your account from work or home. See which of the following situations applies to you:

If: Then:
You have already set up an online account from home: Sign On using your existing Shareowner Online username and password.
You have established an online account from work and need to access it from home for the first time:

Go to I am a Current Shareowner and click Sign Up Now!
You are enrolling in the Stock Purchase Plan for the first time from home: Go to the Manage your Employee Plan section at the bottom right of the page and click enroll online.

Plan Resources

Wells Fargo & Company Stock Purchase Plan Prospectus (PDF)


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