Apply for Wells Fargo Jobs

As a displaced team member, you are encouraged to apply for other employment opportunities within the company. Follow the steps below to search and apply for Wells Fargo jobs. Be sure to take advantage of the job agent tool in the Build a job agent section to receive automatic email notifications with links to open jobs.

What you need to do

Searching and applying for jobs from home requires that you use a Channel Secure password to sign into the system. To set up your Channel Secure access, please follow the simple steps below.

Getting started

If you’re using the new Channel Secure process for the first time, or if you have an expired or locked password, call the Automated Password Service Express Line at 1-877-4-MYPSWD (1-877-469-7793) to be issued a one-time password. You can then enter your Employee ID as the username and the one-time password on the Channel Secure sign-on page. At that point, you will be directed to a page with instructions to reset your password. If this is your first time using Channel Secure, you will be asked four challenge questions that will be used to validate your identity for future sign-on attempts.
Your password must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Contain at least one uppercase letter
  • Contain at least one lowercase letter
  • Contain at least one number
  • Have at least eight characters
  • Should not contain three or more repeating characters (such as ttt, 111, SSS)
  • Should not contain three or more consecutive characters of your name (such as John Smith — joh, smi, ith)

Job search

Wells Fargo offers a number of resources to help you find employment opportunities across the company.

To search from home:

  • Click Jobs, also found on the home page under Career & Development.
  • Sign on using the instructions listed above in the“Getting started” section.
  • Conduct a basic or advanced job search to browse available jobs based on your preferences.
  • Apply for Wells Fargo positions that match your skills and experience.

 Note: To include Short-Term Assignment Resource (STAR) Program jobs in your job search, select the Include STAR positions checkbox.You will need to select the checkbox for each new search.

Search exclusively for STAR positions
Because a STAR assignment may allow for telecommuting and assignments are available all over the country, if you would only like to search for STAR positions, the best way to find them is to use the following fields for the widest range of opportunities:

  • Keyword: STAR
  • Location: All

You can also apply these fields to setting up a job agent as described below.

Create an online job search profile
A good way to cover all of your bases for learning about possible opportunities is to create a job search profile that allows hiring managers to find you based on skills they’re looking for.

Create or update your online profile and mark your status as “Searchable.” When doing so, your background and experience will be reviewed and considered by the appropriate recruiter or hiring manager for open positions. Be sure to include personal contact information (such as your home phone number, cell phone number, and personal email address) and fill in your current employer and job title in the Work Experience section.

Note: After five days from your official displacement notice date, your profile will automatically be marked Retain, indicating your employment status.

Build a job agent

How to build a Wells Fargo job agent

What you need to know

A job agent automatically searches for newly posted positions that meet your selection criteria and emails you a list of the job titles. Each time the job agent runs, it checks for new positions that have posted since your last email; that way you don’t receive duplicate listings. Job agents expire after 90 days and must be refreshed.

What you need to do

  1. Sign on to Jobs.
  2. Click Advanced Search on the Job Search home page.
  3. Enter your search interests and click Save Search.
  4. Give your search a name and select the “Job agent” checkbox (you can change the email address if you like).
  5. Click Save Search again.

You can create as many job agents as you want.

Note: To include STAR assignments in your job search, select the Include STAR positions checkbox.
The best way to build a job agent to search exclusively for STAR assignments is to use the following fields:

  • Keyword: STAR
  • Location: All

Helpful tips

  • After creating your job agent, mark your calendar 90 days from then so you will remember to re-create your job search agent (do this each time you update your job search agent).
Once you leave the office, be sure to update your contact information, especially your email address, on the contact information link on your jobs profile, on your resume, and for any job agents you have created. Recruiters use the email address to contact you about positions you have applied for.

Who to contact

For functional or technical support with the Wells Fargo online Jobs tool, call the HR Service Center at 1-877- HRWELLS (1-877-479-3557) during normal business hours. You can also email at any time.

Your employment status
Once you reach the end of your Salary Continuation Leave (and your employment is terminated), you will be withdrawn as an internal candidate from jobs you have applied for. Your status on any open requisitions will show as Withdrawn, and the hiring managers and recruiters for those jobs will also be notified of your updated status. Approximately 14 days before the end of your Salary Continuation Leave, you will receive an email notifying you about the jobs you will be withdrawn from.

If any jobs that you have applied for using your internal profile are still pending at that time, you can continue to be considered for those positions until those positions have been filled. If there are positions you still wish to be considered for, please contact the hiring manager, recruiter, or your Career Connection consultant. After you create your external profile, he or she will be able to link it to the requisition.

To ensure you are considered for jobs, you should:

  • Create an external profile at and click Find a Job.
  • Contact the hiring manager, recruiter, or your Career Connection consultant.
  • Confirm your interest in the position and ask the hiring manager or recruiter to link your new external profile to the requisition.

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