Learn what’s new for 2019

Team member feedback shaped the benefits options you’ll see in 2019. During Annual Benefits Enrollment, you’ll find new benefits options, including additional medical plan choices, new claims administrators, and different provider networks in certain regions. You’ll also find changes in coverage for certain services and new ways to earn health and wellness dollars.

Medical plans
This year you can choose from three medical plans offering a wide choice of doctors and hospitals, called broad network plans. In certain locations, there are also new medical plans that offer more limited networks of doctors and hospitals, called narrow network plans. These plans feature local networks with lower premiums and lower deductibles. See the plans available to you on My Benefits Options & Rates.

Express Scripts is the new prescription drug pharmacy benefit provider, replacing CVS/Caremark for all broad network plans and some narrow network plans. Kaiser plans manage their own pharmacy administration.

How Wells Fargo pays for medical coverage
In 2019, the Wells Fargo contribution will be partially based on your benefits-eligible annual compensation (known as your compensation category). The lower your compensation category, the more Wells Fargo contributes. Contribution rates also vary depending on your region, the plan you select, and your level of coverage. For more information about the rates you'll pay for medical coverage, refer to My Benefits Options & Rates.

More information
For more details on plan features including deductibles and copays, see Explore your options.

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Explore your options

Prepare for 2019 by reviewing the benefits offered. Start by looking at the personalized My Benefits Options & Rates, find after signing on to Your Benefits. Then talk to ALEX, your virtual benefits counselor, who can help you compare the coverage options available to you.

Find plans, options, and rates available to you

Select the state you live in and click Show Me My Options to find information about the benefits plans that are available to you. You'll find Summaries of Benefits and Coverage (SBCs) for medical plans, Plans at a Glance for medical and prescription drugs, dental, and vision plans, and rates you'll pay for coverage.

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Enroll in benefits

After learning about your benefits options for 2019, you’re ready to enroll. Use the Your Benefits tool to enroll between November 5 and 30, 2018.

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Find answers

Need more information? You can also call the Wells Fargo Annual Benefits Enrollment call center line at 1-877-HRWELLS (1-877-479-3557), option 7, 3. Relay service calls are accepted. TDD/TTY users may call 1-800-988-0161.

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